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The kid from country Moree has a goal and a dream and is on his way to acheiving it all.  The son of Kerry & Peter, Liam grew up in Moree where he was surrounded by his cousins and friends and lived a laid back lifestyle.  He moved to Newcastle where he took up a position at Hunter Sports High School and linked up with coach Max Debnam, who guided him through his younger years.  Liam eventually started itching to move to Tony Fairweather, and when circumstances allowed, the shy kid approached Tony and joined FTS.  Tony could see the raw ability in him but had to slowly build him up to handle the step up in training intensity and to teach him to truly believe in himself.  There were tiny improvements in the first year physically but the second year was to see substantial improvments.

2010 became his breakthrough year where training showed what was to come, but Liam needed to learn to race the big boys.  In Perth at the WA Champs, Liam got the nerves under control and raced Aaron Rouge Serret.  The result - Aaron clocked a fantastic time and pulled Liam through to a PB of 10.41.  He is now looking forward to the rest of his career and working towards continuous improvement and ongoing selection in the Australian team.

Liam is also showing great interest in mentoring young indigenous kids and is proving to be a positive influence in many of these young people's lives.  He is a young man quietly setting out to achieve his dreams.


Have you ever wanted something so badly, that you maybe try just that bit too hard and just don’t quite get it in your grasp?  I think that is where I have been over the last couple of months.  I’ve been training the house down, in fantastic shape, and excited to race.  But all except a couple of races, just couldn’t put it together.  My 10.52 at Down Under meet was a better race and closer to where my training had been showing.  It has been a long time since nationals, with trips to Japan and Taiwan for relay comps, then trips to Gold Coast for individual races.  So I probably can’t quite express the relief I felt when I got the call to say I had been given the final spot in the Men’s relay team for World Champs.  All my perseverance had paid off.

This is going to be a great experience for me and I am going to take everything in, as I want to be there in London next year.  This is only the first part of my goals achieved, and I have heaps more I want to do.

The last week has been a whirlwind but I am ready to go.  We fly out early Wednesday morning and arrive in Daegu Wednesday night.   I can’t wait to get there and work with the whole team, to make sure we give ourselves the best shot.  It is going to be cut throat for a run in the final team because no-one has an individual race, but I think that will bring out the best in all of us.

SBS is covering the meet so make sure you watch us all.


The Japan relays were a great experience, and even though we didnt get the time we wanted, I was really happy with my change.  I ran the anchor leg, taking the baton from Aaron Rouge Serret and we changed perfectly.  So now the team just has to gel and with better flat speed we will be very competitive.  I am going to Taiwan this week for another relay meet, and this time I get an indivudual race too.  Still waiting to hear if it is a 100m or 200m, but I will be ready for it.  One of our top juniors, Jake Hammond, will also be coming so it will be a slightly different team to Taiwan.  I am just learning more about the relay all the time and loving being in there.
Liam 23/5/11

The end of the 2011 domestic season came with the Aust Champs and I went to Melbourne knowing I had to finish top 4 to have a chance at the relay for World Champs.  I was the equal 4th Australian and thought that might have been enough, but wasn’t one of the 4 named automatically.  But I have been given the chance to travel as part of the relay to Japan early in May.  I am going to use this experience to hopefully come out of it a better competitor and push to be named in the World Champs team.  So I am pretty excited about going to Japan and have still been training really well.  My season was pretty good but we didn’t have a lot of luck with too many good conditions, so my times were a bit down.  I won the NSW Championships over 200m and bronze in the 100m, and was happy with my form going to nationals.  I am working really hard on the areas to improve and know that by doing that I will make a breakthrough and then I just need to find consistency in my racing.  I am learning with each race I do and it will all click soon.  I have come a long way in a short time and can’t wait for my next comp.  Thanks to everyone for all your support.
Liam - 28/4/2011

 I have had a good start to 2011 so far.  Just before New Year I was very close to winning the Bay Sheffield Gift in SA as the backmarker.  My times improved through the rounds there so that gives me confidence for Nationals this year.  I had a race at Campbelltown early January and ran 10.43, then at NSW Country Champs I ran really good times into strong headwinds.  At the Hunter Track Classic I was pumped for a good race but had a problem with my blocks and didn't get the time I wanted.  The meet was one of the best I have been to though, and it would be great if all meets could be that good.  I'm looking forward to heading up to Brisbane for the Track Classic there on 11th Feb and after that to Hobart.

2010/11 Season Results

2011 Aust Champs - =5th (4th Aust) Mens 100m
2011 NSW Champs - 1st Mens 200m
2011 NSW Champs - 3rd Mens 100m
2011 Hobart Track Classic - 2nd Mens 100m
2011 Hunter Track Classic - 2nd Mens 100m
2011 NSW Country Champion 100m & 200m
2010 Oceania Championships - 1st Open Men's 100m
2010 Bay Sheffield Gift - 2nd - 12.18 off 3.25m


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